5. Catechetical Resources

Catechetical Resources for those who teach the Catholic Faith or who want to learn more about it.

Scripture & Scripture Study
The New American Bible
New Jerusalem Bible
Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible
The Holy Bible

Documents and Encyclicals
The Vatican Website
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church
John Paul II Encyclicals with Study Tools

Canon Law
Canon Law Society of England and Wales
Canon Law Society of America
1983 Code of Canon Law
1983 Code of Canon Law
1983 Code of Canon Law – Translation by Canon Law Society of England and Wales
1983 Code of Canon Law
1983 Code of Canon Law – In original Latin

Early Church Fathers & Church History
The Fathers of the Church
Early Church Fathers and Apologists
Christian Classice Ethereal Library
Early Church Fathers
Cor Unum (Joe Gallegos; Church Fathers site)
The Way of the Fathers
Spanish Inquisition
American Church History
English Church History
Spanish Church History
Near/Middle Eastern Church History
Irish Church History
Jewish History

Apologists and Apologetics Resources
The Holy See (Vatican website)
The Catechism of the Catholic Church (second edition / searchable)The Coming Home Network (Marcus Grodi)
Evangelical Catholic Apologetics (Phil Porvaznik)
Hands On Apologetics / Thy Faith, Inc. (Gary Michuta)
Sacramentum Vitae (Dr. Michael Liccione)
Dave Armstrong
phatcatholic apologetics (Nick Hardesty)
Were Our Hearts Not Burning? (Fr. Paul Ward)
Crimson Catholic (Jonathan Prejean)
Catholic Answers (Karl Keating)
The Official Peter Kreeft Site
Patrick Madrid: Apologetic Resources
AskACatholic.com (Mike Humphrey)
Ignatius Scoop
Ignatius Insight
The Faith Database

Catholic Blogs
Catholic Fire
Charlotte was Both
Jimmy Akin’s Blog
My Domestic Church
Steve Ray’s Blog
Ukok’s Place (Catholic Convert)

Catholic Catechist
National Catholic Educational Association
National Conference for Catechetical Leadership
Generations of Faith
Religious Education Resources
Resources for Catholic Educators
Christian E-Bible Teacher
The Catholic Encyclopedia
Catholic Information Network
Todays Catholic Teacher
Catechists Online

Saints and Angels
Classroom Activities on Saints

Virtual Tours, Art & Craft, Play & Education for Children/Adults
Danielle’s Place of Crafts and Activities
Godly Play
Bible Activity Worksheets
Bible Tails
Virtual Jerusalem Tour
Bible Colouring Pages
Virtual Vatican Museum ToursStations of the Cross for Children
Scripture Clip Art
Free Scripture Clip Art

Websites for Catholic Kids
‘My Friend’ Catholic Kids Magazine
Kids 4 Jesus (Connecting Catholic Faith & Life)
Catholic Kids Website
EWTN for Kids

The Liturgy, the Sacraments, the Mass, the Papacy, Papal Documents
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Teaching Confirmation
The Commandments
Daily Mass Video
Daily Mass Readings
The Centre for Liturgy
Papal Documents
The List of Popes

Faith Reflections & Prayer
Daily Reflections from St. John’s Abbey
Praying with Scripture
Daily Prayer and Mass Readings
Blessings and Prayer Index

Beautiful Catholic E-Cards


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